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MerryBrains Books is the sister partner of MerryBrains.

MerryBrains is a magazine website which deals with fashion, books, technology , lifestyle etc.



Company Overview

The Awesome Team:

CEO,Founder,Chief Editor and Designer: Prakhyath Rai

Books/Fashion/Tech/Business Head: Prakhyath Rai
Fashion Head: Deeth Sethi

Reviewers: Heena Ahuja (Books), Prakhyath Rai (Fashion/Tech/Books/Auto/Business), Ashwin Rao (Tech), Jinu (Books)
Guest Bloggers: Abhik, Chethan, Anvitha, Vishwas,Neha, Tina, Jinu

Logo Design: Chethan Naik, Zabi Baig.

Photography Partners: Cheth Photography, Prathap Simha

You can contact us at admin@merrybrains.com
Ph no: +919620985132

fashion: http://fashion.merrybrains.com/
Books: http://books.merrybrains.com/
Tech : http://www.merrybrains.com/category/tech/
Business : http://www.merrybrains.com/category/business/

MerryBrains.com is a online magazine news/media portal which deals with products and reviews. This helps the user to choose a product carefully before buying.We come up with honest reviews. We have dedicated expertise across all sections of our magazine.

MerryBrains has cemented itself as one of the best multi magazine website.


Addressing to all the real life needs of people ranging from Gadgets/Clothing to books/technology/business.

With daily updates of new articles on issues relating to Fashion, Dating, Fitness, Entertainment, Work Life, Health, Grooming, Technology,business etc., we strive to be the sure shot solution for all problems across sections used in your daily life

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